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because you recognize the power of personalized learning and realize that you need an innovative tool to unleash children’s learning potential. Frustrated with all the options you have tried, you still dare to give it a last try.

Unleash Every Child’s Learning Potential With alphaTUB

Discover the joy of personalized language education through alphaTUB’s innovative tools. Inspire curiosity, creativity, and confidence in your child’s linguistic journey.

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The Best Choice for Early Childhood Learning and Development

Enter the captivating universe of alphaTUB, where we deliver personalized, engaging, and ceaseless learning opportunities for children aged 2-8 years old.

Our passionate team of experts in education, design, and technology crafts groundbreaking tools and resources, fueling an ever-expanding educational universe that nurtures lifelong learning and success.

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Engage and Nurture Young Learners

From the first alphabet exploration to a lifelong learning adventure, deliver captivating content customized to each child’s interests and developmental stage. Welcome budding learners with personalized, enthralling educational materials and watch their progress flourish.

Juggling daily routines? Seamlessly access an ever-growing TUB Marketplace for regular learning resources to keep young minds stimulated with fresh and exciting content daily, weekly, or monthly, ensuring continuous growth and development with alphaTUB.

Designed for Engaged Educators and Parents

Dive into interactive educational experiences with the TUB Board and user-friendly TUB App. Personalize learning by tailoring your approach to match each child’s interests and developmental stage, ensuring an engaging and effective journey.

Empower your teaching with advanced features like TUB Analytics and TUB Class for educators. Monitor progress with real-time insights, enabling informed decisions for every child’s growth. alphaTUB makes it easy to create enjoyable and personalized experiences for every young learner.

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Why alphaTUB?

Picture your child’s learning journey becoming a captivating adventure, tailored to their unique needs and abilities. With alphaTUB, you’ll unlock age-appropriate content and gamified learning experiences that keep them engaged and thriving.

Watch their progress in real-time and celebrate every milestone together. With our team of dedicated experts by your side, you’ll feel confident and supported as you guide your child towards success. Accessible across multiple devices, alphaTUB ensures that the learning never stops, no matter where you are.

Personalized Learning

Tailored educational journeys designed to meet each child’s unique needs and interests.

Gamified Learning for
Maximum Engagement

Fun and interactive activities that inspire children to stay motivated and enjoy learning.

Real-Time Progress

Monitor your child’s achievements and growth with up-to-date insights and analytics.

Expert Support and

Fun and interactive activities that inspire children to stay motivated and enjoy learning.

Transform Every Image From a Child’s Environment into Language Learning

How alphaTUB Works!

Let your child’s early literacy journey begin with alphaTUB. We have made language learning simple & exciting. Capture millions of images from every part of a child’s life and transform them into language learning content. Encourage children to learn from real experiences with alphaTUB.

Capture Content

Teachers or parents can capture things and moments of the surrounding environment that may get children’s interest. They can be familiar things around children’s own environment or new things that educators would like children to discover & learn. The captured pictures are used as language learning content.

Create Learning Content

Use alphaTUB Mobile app to capture pictures and convert them into learning content. Assign a picture to an alphabet and name it. Add a category to each picture. The Captured content will be available for personalized and individualized learning.

After having enough pictures corresponding to alphabet letters. Teachers or parents can create a collection of learning content such as TUB Sheets or TUB Cards. These collections can be printed and can be used to teach young children at home or school using alphaTUB.


Using content generated by immersing local culture, arts, crafts, and heritage, teachers enhance the language learning experience for young children. Parents can also send any learning content they find interesting and creative to teachers for use in the classroom. 

Engage with TUB Class

Engage children in fun-filled classroom activities, inspiring them to learn in a playful manner through personalized and localized content. All children learn and play using familiar content with their peers.

TUB Analytics

By leveraging a developmentally appropriate tool and technology, a teacher can help pupils to take ownership of their own experiences. To assess learning ability and provide appropriate support for each individual, teachers can measure children’s learning outcomes using TUB Analytics.


Great Pricing All Around


Starts From

  • $20.00

(2 Players)

Premium Features

  • Add up to 2 players
  • Play Unlimited Games
  • Create Unlimited Custom Words
  • Custom Wordicons Unlimitedly
  • Unlimited Connections in Social Circles
  • Share Custom Content
  • Game Results
  • Player Reports
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TUB Analytics

Starts From

  • $120.00

(5 Players)

Starter Features 

  • Start with Minimum 5 Players  
  • Student Play in Class 1-by-1 
  • No Home Content available in Class 
  • Access to Class Players in Teachers TUB App 
  • Send Assignments to Home 
  • Personalized Learning Reports
  • Analytics & Insights 
  • Parental Engagement 
  • Curriculum Progress 
  • Personalized Learning
  • Individualized learning 

TUB Class

Starts From

  • $240.00

(5 Players)

Starter Features 

  • Start with Minimum 5 Players 
  • All Students in Classroom Play 
  • Home Content available in Class
  • Access to Class Players in Teachers TUB App 
  • Send Assignments to Home 
  • Analytics & Insights 
  • Parental Engagement
  • Curriculum Progress 
  • Personalized Learning  
  • Individualized learning 

TUB Academy

alphaTUB Academy offers a selection of skill development courses for teachers and parents. A range of short-term to long terms courses delivered by experts from all over the world provides valuable knowledge and insights about early childhood education and early literacy. These courses help you to become better early literacy educators.


For Teachers

Offers courses for teachers on promoting early literacy. Topics include teaching practices, assessment, creating engaging environments, and supporting learners. By taking these courses, teachers can improve their ability to support literacy development and lifelong learning in their students.

For Parents

alphaTUB Academy offers practical courses for parents on early literacy development, supporting children’s learning at home, and promoting a love of reading. These courses provide accessible tools and knowledge to help parents foster their child’s literacy skills and love of learning.

What our Customers Say!

Checkout the inspiring stories of parents, teachers, and caregivers who have witnessed the transformative impact of alphaTUB on their children’s learning and development.

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Your Questions, Answered: Uncovering the World of alphaTUB

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about alphaTUB, our products, and how we can help your child achieve academic success and personal growth.

Is the alphaTUB board a physical product or a digital product?


alphaTUB board is a physical learning tool for children.

alphaTUB board can support unlimited content in the form of a variety of TUB Sheets. Parents can create these TUB Sheets easily with the help of alphaTUB mobile app.

What will I get when I buy alphaTUB Board?


When you buy alphaTUB, You will get:

1 alphaTUB Board
10 TUB Sheets
Free mobile app
Free In-App Analytics
Note: You can always add additional products to your order from the store.

Click here to buy alphaTUB.

How can I create personalized content for my child?


With the alphaTUB mobile app, creating personalized content is very easy.

Just download the alphaTUB Mobile app and start capturing the content from the child’s own environment.

Once you have enough content in your TUB gallery, you can create TUB Sheets or TUB Cards to teach your child.



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Early Literacy Journey Begins With alphaTUB

You never know what can ignite a language learning interest. Experience it. Engage & inspire your child’s creativity from everything around. Immerse in the world of languages learning. Save content, organize them by category and share with others – all from your phone! Learning languages from the environment you care about most.

Download alphaTUB to start exploring infinite new possibilities to learn and teach languages in a fresh way every day.

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