alphaTUB is designed to offer a technology & innovation led platform for enabling an eco-system of creators and collaborators to come together in re-inventing early child education. Through this participatory approach alphaTUB is looking forward to contribute for the development of contemporary and evolutionary approaches for enhancing the quality of early child education in a technology exposed world. For more details please contact research.collaboration@alphatub.com
Research shows that providing a high quality education for children before they turn five yields significant long-term benefits. By leveraging TUB App, schools can provide valuable insights to child's learning abilities, family engagement from birth to school and beyond and by providing families with the information they need to support their childrens' development and education.
Research Institutions can tap into the valuable TUB data for deepening insights and research for better understanding on childrens' learning capabilities. The data can be used for further development of early childhood education policies and frameworks. Research will also help in creating evaluation and feedback mechanisms that are accountable for outcomes.
alphaTUB offers an excellent opportunity for teachers to maximize the use of TUB App for creating an engaging and immersive content for the kids. For the first time, teachers will have infinite power and freedom to create and fine tune content suitable to the students. The analytics and reporting features help the teachers in tracking the progress of the child and sharing with parents.
Invent new toys for expanding imagination
alphaTUB is targeting to tap the creative potential of millions of parents, teachers, artists, content writers, painters, craftswomen, designers, academicians, counselors or innovators in any field, for the creation of  "alphaTUB Compatible - alphaTUB Certified" original creative works of art thus fostering a fresh wave of innovation led early childhood education. alphaTUB is targeting to build the world's largest creative goods market place for early child education. For more please visit TUB Store Business Partner.