alphaTUB' purpose in business is to foster an innovation led eco-system in which parents, kids, educators, designers, research scholars & community of creators come together to reinvent early child education. In pursuing these dream the alphaTUB shall.

Use Technology to Collaborate and Share Knowledge, to drive creativity and innovation, and extensively use social media and various collaborative technologies that can help bring people together for collaboration & creation.

Promote Innovation as an Organizational Value by opening up opportunities for creative and even average people & immersing them into a creative culture.

Include Innovation as a Leadership Development Competency and as a part of building an innovative culture alphaTUB will continue to groom leaders who value creativity, and are creative themselves.

Promote incentives on creativity to signal that innovation is valued. alphaTUB will reward Innovation with engaging work.

alphaTUB's "Creators Market Place" is planned to become a leading innovative platform that taps into the collective knowledge of everyone and lets everyone promote good ideas & creativity.

Train for Creativity. Creativity isn't innate. Creative thinking skills can be developed, with the growth of creators platform, alphaTUB will support training programs to develop them.

Create a Review Process for Innovative Ideas. Even the best ideas don't come fully formed. There is a process to refining, developing and identifying the ideas with the most market potential. Creating a review process allows this to happen and signals that innovative ideas are valued.

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