alphaTUB Story

The very foundation of life, love fosters discovery, creativity and progress.  alphaTUB is a story of love.  The seeds of alphaTUB were sown by the love of two sisters. It is a story of love, play and learning in the family. It is the story of two fearless fathers who became passionately in love with the dream of alphaTUB and made it true. It's a story of love of a patient wife and an ever-challenging beloved who inspired and marshaled to make alphaTUB a reality. It's a story of love of friends and lovers. Along with kids, the refreshing, engaging and immersive world of alphaTUB is a ticket for everyone to “relive your childhood”. With alphaTUB as we take a flight back to the wonderful fun filled days of our childhood, it is our fresh chance to revisit from where it all began: Love.Play.Learn.