TUB Board
Inventive, Innovative Design, Simple to Use
The TUB Board is a traditional wooden toy re-invented in a simple and innovative way and is packed with limitless surprises for attracting the kid into an engaging and immersive language learning experience. Made from the finest quality plywood the board is extremely lightweight with extra large pegs for ease and child safety.
TUB Sheet
Infinite Ways to Learn New Words
By offering dynamic content presented on the TUB Sheets the unique TUB board is constantly refreshed through an endless supply of newer words based on kids learning abilities and progress. Each board comes packed with 12 (twelve) high photo quality prints on 6 (six)  UV laminated sheets for repeat use.
Mobile App
Re-live your childhood
TUB App is available for use by parents and teachers thus giving adults the power and freedom to create their own TUB Sheet, offering a customize wooden TUB board anytime with words and images that kids love and are familiar with. Many more cool features of the App would make your engagement with the kids always full of excitement.
Analytics and Reports
Engage, Immerse, Evolve
Deploying algorithms TUB analytics capture and deliver valuable insights into kid's language learning abilities and provide feedback for areas of improvement. In the future, subscription to detailed analytics and reports on the aggregated data across regions and demographic profiles, will provide the never before observed insights into the field of early child education.
TUB Sheets – Other Languages
Along with alphaTUB comes a host of optional TUB Sheets designed to provide the kid exciting, refreshing and yet engaging learning content for multiple languages. For languages with Latin alphabet based TUB sheets are available in other languages, such as Spanish, German and more are coming soon. You can one alphaTUB to teach multiple languages to your little one.