alphaTUB is packed with limitless surprises to let every child 

to experience freedom in language learning.


Innovative & Revolutionary Features

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The TUB Board is a traditional wooden toy re-invented and made simple in an innovative way it is packed with limitless surprises for attracting the kid into an engaging and immersive language learning experience.
By offering dynamic content the unique TUB board is constantly refreshed through an endless supply of newer words based on kids learning abilities and progress thus providing challenging and winning feel.
TUB app is available for use by parents and teachers thus giving adults the power and freedom to customize the wooden TUB board anytime with familiar words and images that kids love.
Deploying algorithms TUB analytics will be able to capture and deliver valuable insights into kid's language learning abilities and provide feedback for areas of improvement.

They experienced the power of alphaTUB

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quote linealphaTUB is a great toy for building language skills, my kids can add to it and change it, make it their own, they are learning something but they are also having fun at the same time. It’s a teaching tool, but it’s also a great toy.
Kimberly D. Fisk
Stay at-home-mother
quote lineThe first time I saw all alphaTUB I was like Ahhh ! !! .... very ordinary to but then when it was introduced to me and it was shown to me how it really works, I was so amazed the knowledge that can actually be imparted to us...
Monalissa Mondigo
English Teacher
quote linealphaTUB has infinite possibilities to learn different words, we can choose more familiar pictures, mother & child can make their own original ways to learn new words through the App. It's a wooden toy. It is easy to use, easy to carry...
Akiko Konishi
quote linealphaTUB when first time I saw this toy, I got very impressed, when I saw this toy, this is very amazing toy, like babies they can learn so much new things, they don’t get bored with this toy...
Shikha Arya
Working Mother